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Re: Control Center Problems in KDE 3.5.5

David Dawson wrote:

> Florian Kulzer wrote:
>> aptitude -F '%?p%?v' search '~i~dkde' | awk '/3\.5\.6/{print $1,$2}'
> Thanks.
> This is what I get from the above command:
> kde-i18n-engb 4:3.5.6-1
> kde-i18n-eo 4:3.5.6-1
> kde-i18n-fr 4:3.5.6-1
> Is any package there likely to be involved? If I were to add a non-broken
> i18n-xxx package, would that solve the problem?.
> Incidently, my mike capture is broken and I can't reconfigure sound
> through the control center, Is there another way to invoke the specific
> sound configuration outside the control center? (Other than by hand, which
> I'll do if I get annoyed enough.)
Maybe I'm annoyed enough now ....

Florian and Joe:
Thanks for the info, but I tried both ways and unfortunately the problem is
still unsolved.

I believe that the *real* problem is in a config file, somewhere. But which?
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you both get dirty and the pig likes it.
-- Dave Dawson

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