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Re: Preventing delayed USB writes

On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 01:52:15PM -0700, pedxing wrote:
> > > I would like
> > > to configure things so that, for instance, when I (ok, actually my
> > > wife) use konqueror to copy songs to my mp3 player, when the copy
> > > dialog says 100%, I can immediately unmount the device without
> > > having to wait for a delayed write.
> Does anyone know if this problem (excessive writes to the FAT with the
> sync option enabled) has been addressed in more recent kernels?
> Or does everyone just suck it up and wait huge amounts of time for
> USB media to "safely remove"?

Are "excessive" writes to the FAT with sync a problem for the kernel to
fix?  I thought it was a design flaw of the filesystem. 

To me, ideally, nothing would be written to the flash at all until
either sync or umount.  Yes, I wait.

> I would rather not experiment on my wife's new mp3 player, but it
> would
> be a pain to force her to the command line every time she wants to
> transfer music to it...

Why not create a button that runs the one command you want?


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