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Re: Network connections breaking after bootup

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Tim Johnson wrote:
> Etch was installed yesterday via netinst. Network appeared
> to configure properly - software installation from mirror
> went without a problem
> The problem (sort of) goes like this:
> I can boot the machine, and ping any nodes on my network.
> I can ftp to another machine. Before long, I loose my network
> connection - such as, open a ftp connection, upload something to
> another machine (put), and when the ftp connection is closed, I lose
> the network. 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Now when I attempt to ping anything outside of this box,
> such as on my local network, I get a "Destination Host Unreachable"
> error. _or_ `ping' hangs and has to be aborted.
> I can ping loopback by name and by address, and I can ping the
> machine by its assigned I.P. address and by name.
> resolv.conf shows the configuration as I put it in yesterday, for
> search and dns servers.
> interfaces reads as follows - less the auto comments, plus some
>   comments that exist only in this email:
> ## ---------------------------------------------------------------
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> allow-hotplug eth0
> iface etho inet static
> 	address
> 	netmask
> 	network    ## auto-generated
>         broadcast ## auto-generated
> 	gateway
> 	dns-nameservers
> 	dns-search johnson.com
> ## --------------------------------------------------------------
>  Any and all help appreciated. 
> dmesg dump can be seen at
> http://www.johnsons-web.com/demo/debian/dmesg.txt

I havn't followed this thread, so maybe someone spotted this already:

You have 'allow-hotplug eth0' and 'iface etho'.
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