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Re: etch - X doesn't start, video mode not supported

Oops; this was supposed to go to the list instead of the OP; I'm still trying to get used to using the GMail interface since my uni "outsourced" our email to the educational version Google Apps for Your Domain. As soon as I get mail/IMAP figured out on a Debian box I've got stashed on campus, I think I'm going back to a real IMAP system. There's a lot of good features in GMail, but IMAP works better for me - I wish Gmail offered IMAP.

On 5/12/07, Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:

On 5/12/07, Tim Johnson < tim@johnsons-web.com> wrote:
I just installed etch, and x doesn't start, the monitor says video mode
not supported.

You might should've tried Ctrl-Alt-PgUp to cycle through the available modes.

Or you could've tried Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill X.

Or you could've tried Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get to a text-based virtual terminal on VT2.

I chose to power off the computer at this point.

I presume the method to correct this will to restart in text mode, and
edit xorg.conf for the proper video mode for the monitor.

1)Will choosing "recovery mode" from the boot menu give me this ability?

I'm unsure. I don't know that I've ever tried that option.

2)I'm concerned that because I had to power off the computer, that there
   may have been some corruption to the system.
   Is my concern valid?

Somewhat, but probably not terribly much so, especially if you've installed on a journaling filesystem like ext3.

Kent West
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com

Kent West
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com
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