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Re: to lvm or not to lvm?

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 09:54:41AM +0300, Yuriy Padlyak wrote:
> Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> >On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 12:33:44PM +0300, Yuriy Padlyak wrote:
> >>Thank you for your reply. Looks like you're suggesting installation, but 
> >>I have Etch 4.0 installed already. Wondering if it's possible to put 
> >>existent /boot on ext3 partition and LVM volume group on RAID1. Or 
> >>possibly it will be easier to reinstall and restore configuration.
> >
> >It all depends on how much extra space you have.  Its a little like a
> >shell game with clear shells.  
> >
> >If you give us your current drive(s) layout including free space, and
> >your goal layout, perhaps we can help you with an implementation map.
> >I've totally forgotton how your drives are currently set up so I won't
> >make any if,then,else suggestions.
>> Have additional hard drive, which can store any data temporary, while 
> I'm preparing main disks. I have 160GB and 60GB drives. I have plan to 
> make 60GB raid1 and 100GB for not very valuable data on rest of the 
> 160GB drive. Now my VG(consisting all data) is on temporary 320GB drive 
> and my /boot on ext3 partition is om 160GB.
> What I want is to put that /boot on raid1 along with very valuable data 
> from temporary drive (VG) and not very valuable data on that 100GB not 
> raid part. Everything except /boot should be on LVM.
> Hope my goal is clear now :)

I don't have any experience setting up raid/LVM from anything other than
the installer: I set it up there and haven't had to touch it.  So if it
were me and I had the netinst.iso or CD-1, I would do a minimal
reinstall on your two target disks and have ignore your 320 GB drive,
BUT I also don't have any experience of verifying how to get a new
install to find an existing LVM.  So read lots of man pages, and
consider backing up your data to a tarball on either a raw device or a
file on a filesystem, either way to that 320GB drive.  Either way, read
the raid HOWTOs and the LVM HOWTO.

Your disk layout seems good:

60 GB drive partitions:
	1	32 MB		for raid1 md0
	2	59968 MB 	for raid1 md1

160 GB drive partitions:
	1	32 MB		for raid1 md0
	2	59968 MB	for raid1 md1
	3	remainder	for LVM, VG-stripe
		this allows you later to add a device to this VG either
		to extend the size or migrate data if this drive starts
		to fail.

Raid setup:
	md0	filesystem	/boot
	md1	for LVM		VG-mirror

LVM setup:
		LV-root		384 MB		/
		LV-usr		4 GB		/usr
		LV-var		6 GB		/var
		LV-home		??		/home
		LV-??		??		??


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