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Re: OT: Can't we just drop all the OT stuff...

steve reilly wrote:
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On Wednesday 09 May 2007 13:25, Joe Hart wrote:
Greg Folkert wrote:
Come on, we all come here for "TOPICAL" discussions and bare metal
Debian stuff.

I mean, I might just have to unsubscribe and find another venue to find
my "fix" for Debian only topics.



im sure most people who subscribe to this list use more than one os, suse and debian here. I subscribe to no less than 10 mailing lists as well. Cant we just delete one of the lower traffic lists and start a debian OT list? this may seem like an overly simple solution, but why hasnt it been done?
OT really needs to be on a separate list to keep all happy.

Ok, so talking about debian is OT in a debian OT list?

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