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Re: etch help

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 12:53:33PM +0000, bobsetch@comcast.net wrote:
> You responded to my call for help yesterday and I appreciate any
>that I can get. Thank you! I'm not sure I should contact you directly
>but here I am. Please let me know if it's inappropriate and I'll
>stop. I'd really like to switch to linux but it's not easy. I have the
>Debian etch package(23 discks) but so far there useless to me. I've
>followed your directions but got nowhere. When I went to synaptic
>package manager and did the search some of the options would not
>select for installation. Any idea whats happening. 

Well, first of all, I'm happy to help, as are many others on the
debian-user list. It is considered not only general courtesy, but also
helpful, too keep "on-topic" (and many off-topic) discussions on the
list. So this reply is being cc'd to the list as well. This will
provide others with an opportunity to help (which we may need!) and
also a record of what we learned in case it helps others. 

So, you must try to do a better job of specifically describing your
situation and what the results of your actions are. We can't see the
screen so things like "would not select for installation" may make
perfect sense to you sitting in front of your etch machine, but are
pretty useless to us as it could mean anything from: "I tried to
select some items for installation, but it would not even let me
select them..." to "I selected some things and hit apply and nothing
happened" to " I hit apply and it started to download packages but
failed" etc etc etc. These are all symptoms of different problems with
different solutions. 

I am guessing from the context above and you're previous posting that
you have a fully functional Debian Etch system with GNOME Desktop
Environment working, but you don't have any applications installed and
can't figure out how to use the package manager or how to properly
configure the package manager. 

Please answer this question *AND* provide the contents of your
sources.list file. 

Question: how do you want to access software for installation: 1) from
the 23 cd's you have, or 2) you have a fast internet connection and
would like to just download them from the net (preferred method!)?

sources.list: this file controls *where* the package manager looks for
packages to install. Provide us with the 8EXACT* contents of that
file. To see the contents, you need a terminal: Applications -->
Accessories --> Terminal. This will provide a window with a text
interface. at the prompt type this exact command:

cat /etc/apt/sources.list

and it will print out the contents of that file. Enter that
information into your response. Please try to be as accurate as

And for your leisure time reading: head over to www.debian.org and
read the documentation; google "smart questions" an read that as
well. It will help you get better response from the list. 

most important... its a big learning curve but the results are really
rewarding, so stick with it!


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