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Re: Please help - printing gone after upgrade to Etch

Title: Re: Please help - printing gone after upgrade to Etch

Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:

>> After upgrading to Etch, now printing (DeskJet 840C) is gone.
>> Reason:
>> % ls -l /dev/lp*
>> ls: /dev/lp*: No such file or directory
> I had something similar with my DeskJet 670C in Etch.
> It appeared that /dev/lp0 had not been recognized for some reason,
> therefore CUPS tried to print to /dev/other, which did not exist.
> I could not be corrected in the CUPS printer administration, but I could
> use the KDE printer setup (K > System > Printers) to manually set the
> output device to /dev/lp0, which solved it.

It is so sad. Theoretically, Debian is my favourite distro, and I wonder why practically, it is at times so 'could-not-care-less'. :(
I do bother and file bug reports. Only to see them being closed with a workaround or simply unattended to.
This is a server, no GUI, worked with Sarge. Why should it not continue working with Etch ? Yes, it does, with 'modprobe lp'. The maintainer of udev suggested CUPS, then to 'blame the maintainer of lpr'. Neither is a solution, but bug report 'closed'. What a silly bloat, when Aunty Tilly needs to install CUPS or KDE to bring along an application that - in case - issues a modprobe ?!
Worse: Sarge had /dev/lp0 and *was* working. Can we not expect to have a working system after the upgrade ? Were we not encouraged to file bugs against update problems ? And losing the device of a parallel printer can not be filed under 'unfortunate circumstances', mitigated by the fact that CUPS and KDE eventually are well enough written to rectify the problem without user intervention.


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