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Re: Best way to find a version in snapshots depending on existing install

David Goodenough said:

I could simple download each version in turn from snapshots and try it, but
that might be time consuming.  Is there a way of forming a question to
snapshots which would tell me which to install?  Alternatively is there an
easy way to list the dependencies of each version on snapshots of a particular

I hadn't heard of snapshot.debian.net until I read your post. I
have run into the same scenario as you, so the ability to get
old unstable versions of packages was really appreciated. Here's
what I did:

 search for the package name on the main search page:
 On the result page, use the URL for the *oldest* version:
 Trim off the end, and add it to my sources.list file:
  echo http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2005/03/13/debian sid main \
 Let apt learn about that repository:
  apt-get update
 Try to install the package
  apt-get install tulip
 If it didn't report any dependency errors, I just said no and tried
 the same thing with the next newer version. Of course, if there are
 many versions, you can use binary search to find the newest one that
 doesn't conflict with other libraries you have installed already.

This still requires some manual work, but I found that letting apt-get
do the dependency checking and ultimatly the downloading kept it simple.

Hope this helps, and thanks for helping me find out about the site!


  Nick Russo   email: narusso@uchicago.edu   phone: 773.702.3438
     Computer Science Department   The University of Chicago
      Associate Director of Computing Systems, Systems Lead

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