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Re: what's with epiphany?

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:50:43PM -0400, Mark Grieveson wrote:
Man, I'm getting a bit annoyed with Epiphany.  Very frequently, when I
visit http://www.thestar.com, and click a news link, it crashes.  What
is up with that?  After the initial crash, it's usually fine, but the
constant first crash when I'm browsing is a little annoying.
I use Etch.
I've given up on all the gekko-based browsers and have switched to
Konqueror.  I don't run KDE but I've found the K apps more reliable than
gnome or gekko.



I've instead given up on Flash. If a site wants more than 7.0, I just won't see what's up. I must say that as of yet I have not yet thought: "Gee, maybe I should install the latest Flash..."


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