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Re: same problem

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Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
>> He/she uses debianhelp.org. Over there they simply do not understand
>> that the Debian user list does not look like this
>> http://www.debianhelp.org/node/5890
>> to most of us. Instead they are probably wondering why there is so much
>> redundant content quoted in the threads in some of "their" forums.
> how apropos this all is. I've sent a nice little feedback to the
> debianhelp.org folks. I pointed out that they were causing untold
> grief over here and were probably *NOT* helping their users as they
> were all getting fried to a crisp over here. A kindly asked them if
> they could post some guidelines for using the portal to debian-user
> properly. I'll let you all know what, if any, response I get. 
> I'm guessing from the tone of your previous message , Florian, that
> you've already tried this without success...

I hope they listen.  It would make it much easier to understand some of
the messages.

After spending a few months on this list, I have to say I really hate
web forums now.  All that stupid clicking, when with IceDove I can just
hit the spacebar.


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