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Re: edit the subject line of a thread [EDITED]?

On 5/2/07, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
Am 2007-04-28 00:52:26, schrieb P Kapat:
> OK, heres I am "replying" to my own mail from gmail, after editing the
> subject line...

This is NORMAL if you edit a Mesage in "gmail".

You should only hit "Reply" and THEN edit the Subject.

What other option did you have in mind? When I said, "replying" I
thought I made it clear that I was indeed hitting the "Reply" button
to reply... or was it not obvoius? I hope you are not suggesting that
started a new message by hitting the "Compose Mail" link/button and
then using the same (or edited) subject line... are you?

Btw, in whatever MUA you use, do you see this thread as well as the
orginal thread with the subject line "edit the subject line of a
thread" in the same thread? If so, what MUA are you using?

Following (demarckated between the astrieks ***) is the full text (as
seen from gmail; viz, hitting the "down arrow" button near the "Reply"
button on top right-hand corner of the mesage and choosing the "Show
original" option from the dropdown menu). None of the headers are
useful to thread this message with the original one...
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On 4/28/07, P Kapat <kap4lin@gmail.com> wrote:

I googled around a little bit, and did some simple mailing-replying
actions.. It seems like gmail uses "subject" for threading the
conversations. Kmail uses something else (i guess, In-Reply-To). Not
just that, when you change the subject line when replying to a
thread/conversation using gmail, it "removes" the In-Reply-To header;
as a consequence any MUA ( i think) will get that messsage wrongly
threaded. So, to me it seems like a problem with gmail's mailing
system rather than MUA at the reading end... To prove the point
(hopefully!), my next mail on this thread (using gmail) will have a
modified subject line, check if the In-Reply-To header is removed, or
whether it is threaded in a proper way with whichever MUA you use at
your end..

OK, heres I am "replying" to my own mail from gmail, after editing the
subject line...

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