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Re: same problem

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:15:19PM +0200, cat Behemoth wrote:
> Hi guys,


> funny but i am experiencing the same problem with my fujitsu-siemens pc. I 
> can only open few sites: www.google.com, www.ya.ru.

you know what's funny? you posted to a forum that is a gateway to the
debian-user mailing list. That means that the post you submitted is
sent just as you wrote it to some several hundred mailing list
subscribers. There is no reference to a previous subject. you've
changed the subject line so there is nothing to remind us of what the
original topic was. sure, I could open my archives and dig through
several thousand emails to find the one you're responding to, but do I
want to do that? nope. so what's funny is you've essentially just
spammed several hundred qualified debian users who could have helped
with your problem, but instead are merely annoyed by your spam.

You have to realise that by posting to that gateway, you have to act
like you are on a mailing list, not a web forum. That means you have
to quote previous messages, put things in context etc. 

> I've tried all advices listed above and it aint help:(

we'd be happy to point out whether that advice applied to your
situation, but we don't have a clue what you're talking about.

> I wonder where else i can have a look for the answer...



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