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Re: kernel recompile compile

Sorry, I didn't realize I used the wrong hotkeys. sent it privately to Nigel. My mistake.

On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 21:34 +0200, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 May 2007 14:05, Kushal Kumaran wrote:
> > On 5/2/07, Andrew Critchlow <a_critchlow@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > > Can anyone tell me how to, or point me to a good website that tells you
> > > how to recompile/compile a kernel? The normal way? and the debian way? I
> > > need to be able to add and remove built in modules of the kernel such as
> > > remove network card driver and add wireless card driver etc.
> >
> > There's a debian linux kernel handbook at
> > http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/
> > --
> > Kushal
> I'd like to save the complete handbook, but doing a "save as" just saves the 
> index.html, which is what I see when linking to the handbook. How do I save 
> the whole handbook, index, and contents?
> Sorry for being an ignoramus.

I'm an ignoramus for telling you this but its only ~ 9 or 10 pages.
(Many might complain about this method, but it works)

 wget --mirror http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/

Everything will be in kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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