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Re: kernel recompile compile

2007/5/2, Andrew Critchlow <a_critchlow@hotmail.com>:

Can anyone tell me how to, or point me to a good website that tells you how to recompile/compile a kernel? The normal way? and the debian way?

I suggest you the debian way, debian website offers a straight and easy  command sequence for make-kpkg in order to build a linux-image package from a kernel tree. Use append-to-version and revision options to save your current running kernel so a kernel panic won't do you no harm.

Kernel tree structure and contestual help are very clear if you know what you want, and even if you don't there are plenty of useful tips to avoid disasters :-)

I need to be able to add and remove built in modules of the kernel such as remove network card driver and add wireless card driver etc.

This is easy, modprobe is your friend if you compile drivers as modules.

Many thanks.




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