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Problem with kdvi font rendering after sarge-->etch upgrade


Back at work I just upgraded my sarge installation to etch. I changed the
sources for apt, did apt-get update, apt-get install aptitude and aptitude -f
--with-recommends dist-upgrade.

All has gone fine, but when I start to work, I discover a problem with my main
tool: kdvi. It can't seem to render my documents properly. Each time I load a
document, it needs to generate the bitmap fonts for 1200 dpi. It does this
every time even if it's the same document. And when it's done I can't see the
fonts, just som square blobs. I have no trouble opening these doucments on my
laptop or at home, which also run etch.

xdvi (here at work) generates the fonts perfectly, and I have no trouble
running latex on the .tex sources either.

Does someone know what's going on?

Please help!


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