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Re: installing ralink chip lets disappear ' floppy' ??!!l

Kushal Kumaran wrote:
On 5/2/07, steef <steefvanduin@zonnet.nl> wrote:


hello greg,

i took no chances: installed on an old hd etch &&. just from scratch as
i use to do. installed the ralink-chip into the standard-kernel. 'made'
so far so good.
booted the machine. no soap TILL I DID <sudo modprobe floppy>
that command did the trick. i seem to have to repeat this
module-probe/install after each reboot, but that does not matter for me.

Add the modules you want loaded at boot to /etc/modules.

i am glad my to get old teac-hardware get working again.

thanks again for your succesfull help. gonna buy you a bottle of
graanjenever (very old dutch gin made from wheat and drank ice-cold)

excellent advice. i did so allready yesterday-evening. it works perfect.

thanks again,




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