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Re: installing ralink chip lets disappear ' floppy' ??!!l]]]

Greg Folkert wrote:
Caveat, I haven't truly followed this thread, so I may have missed some
pertinent info.

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 16:22 +0000, steef wrote:
Do you have a device /dev/fd0?

steef@debian-etch:~$ sudo mount /dev/fdo -t vfat,ext3 /media/floppy
mount: special device /dev/fdo does not exist

/dev/fd0 (eff-dee-zero)
not /dev/fdo (eff-dee-ohh)

Also, there is a bit of a problem, "mount" typically does not like
multiple "-t" arguments, though it is possible to use it. Auto is a
better option as it will try all the "loaded" known file systems.

So let us make sure everything is good. And steer clear of the
auto-magical stuff that is supposed to work:

        sudo mkdir /media/fd0
        sudo modprobe floppy
        sudo modprobe vfat
        sudo mount /dev/fd0 -t auto /media/fd0
If that works, then we have to look a bit more.

What does # dmesg | grep fd show?

steef@debian-etch:~$ dmesg | grep fd
[snippage of non-relevant stuff]

the 0xfd0blah is the hex address stuff and not even related to the

I want to make sure that this floppy is a "traditional floppy" meaning
that it is indeed plugged into the motherboard with a 48 pin(maybe more)
flat ribbon cable (with 25+ years of legacy built-in), and not an
internal or external USB floppy.

Also, we are sure that this floppy does work... as I have been seeing
more and more "new floppy drives" just puke and not work after a few
years of "intermittent/once-in-a-blue-moon" service. The old Teac single
speed drives I have, still work after 15 years of being swapped around

thanks greg.

it is a traditional floppy-drive that worked for me year after year after year.... and yes: it is plugged into the motherboard etc. etc. no. it is not that new-modish s.... that i do not like at all.

i agree the mount command is the most relevant info in my message you answered. and, shame, shame on me. i am becomning an old, mean and now too sloppy debian-user. forgive me.

i'll check it all [partly] again and let you know, if there is some enlightenment.





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