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floating xfce panels with virtual size in xorg.conf?

My monitor will only do 1024 x 768 at a reasonable resolution but my
graphics card has 4 MB ram (its on an old PII) so can do 1280 x 800
virtual.  I've added the virtual line to xorg.conf so that works.

In Xfce (an perhaps all other WMs/DTEs) the panels are either anchored
to a spot on the destop or are manually moveable.

I would like to anchor them not to the edges of the physical desktop
(1280x800) but to the edges of the viewport (1024x768).  

If I can get this to work on this system, I'll use it on my new system
that will do 1600x1200 monitor but has 256 MB on the GPU.  

Its handy having a large workspace.  Consider something like Konqueror
with button bars galore _and_ viewing an image at 1024x768.  

Has anyone heard of this or is it totally crazy?



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