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Re: extract progressive frames from dv file

H.S. wrote:
 > Any idea how to combine a pair of interlacing frames during the
> extraction process and get a progressive frame (one frame from the two
> fields: odd and even) from the dv video file?

You can't do this.

The resulting frame would make no sense. Interlaced video is effectively
half-resolution video at a doubled frame rate, relying on
characteristics of the human eye to create the sense of a full-frame
moving image.

Your camera doesn't capture 720x480 full-frame video (unless you have a
really really nice one). This information is not in your video stream.

There are deinterlacing techniques, but they reduce the quality and
resolution of the image somewhat, depending on the technique used.

Mplayer can do this, consult the documentation.

Andrew J. Barr
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