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Re: xmms (1.2.10+20070401-1) segfaults

Olafur Jens Sigurdsson wrote:
Þann 2007-04-29, 06:16:55 (-0500) skrifaði Hugo Vanwoerkom:

In Sid xmms latest version segfaults.

This version runs fine on my system, so I dont think it is xmms that
is causing the segfault. Does is segfault every single time? On some
specific files? If you know how to use strace then does that give any
hints on what is going on?



Hi Oli,

It happend at high CPU usage by some other process in both and 2.6.21-sd046 which are the vanilla kernels from www.kernel.org plus the sd046 patch from\http://ck.kolivas.org/patches/staircase-deadline/

But it is not the patch because no problems are reported on its mailing list:

That means it could be my Sid installation, except I don't ever recall this happening before.



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