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Re: Etch back to Sarge

On Monday 30 April 2007 16:41, bigoperm wrote:
> I need to downgrade from Etch back to Sarge. The only resource I have is
> the original Sarge install CD. How can I use this CD to reinstall Sarge
> (over Etch) without using any data?

There is no (official) downgrade path, only upgrade.

> My intuition tells me all I need to do is skip the partition phase of the
> install, and things should be okay; however to do so requires that a root
> filesystem must be mounted. Is there a boot option I can pass to the
> installer to tell it to mount my already existing system? Thanks in
> advance.

You could install sarge into a partition that has etch and just don't format 
it, I don't recommend that though. I think the best way is a good backup of 
your data and a fresh install of sarge.

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