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Re: Mailing List vs Newsgroup

Steven Maddox (Architect) wrote in Article
<463128FC.1040209@functionoffice.com> posted to gmane.linux.debian.user:

> Lo folks,
> Been using the mailing list for this (and also the Zinf, FreeDOS and
> FreeNX mailing lists) for a little while now.  You have to go through
> the rigmarole of confirming your email address and such etc etc..
> However mailing lists are a pain as even tho I've got my thunderbird to
> put them in another folder, some still end up going to Junk when they
> are not - and I can't tell thunderbird to NOT tell me I have new email
> when its just mailing list stuffs
> So I discover the list.debian.user group on usenet - yey!  However...
> can I remove myself from the mailing list and still post here using
> usenet with as much authority as I can here (i.e. not be shunned for
> doing so)

It's been observed that linux.debian.user doesn't send mail2news posts back
to the list on a consistant basis.  You may have better results with
gmane.linux.debian.user on news.gmane.org instead.

Paul Johnson
Email and IM (XMPP & Google Talk): baloo@ursine.ca

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