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Re: X11 display terribly slow after upgrade

Andrew J. Barr wrote:
Zlatko Calusic wrote:

First post to the list after a looong time, so be gentle. :)

I'm using lenny/sid distribution. Few days ago, after Xorg packages
got upgraded to 1.3.0, display became very slow. Every redrawing,
every scroll, it's all slow. On one machine it's actually unusable
(Radeon Xpress 200M), on this one (Radeon 9500 Pro) it's just very
slugish and annoying, feels like I'm running on P166 (instead of

Is this a known bug? I'm quite surprised only I've noticed this (I
went through the list archives). Also, it's quite hard to report this
as a bug, because X11 is composed of so many packages, I don't know
where to start. :(

Are you using the free radeon driver or fglrx? If you are using the free driver, post your xorg.conf here as well as if you are using a compositing manager or not. If you are, tell us whether it uses GLX (3D) or RENDER (2D).

I would additionally suggest browsing through recent threads on the xorg mailing list, Radeon graphics performance problems were discussed in a few recent threads I can think of, including one person whose upgrade to 7.2 caused performance issues with EXA and a 2D compositing manager.



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