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root on LVM problem on etch

Wasn't sure where to raise this.

I used to run a sarge system with root on LVM volume on raid1. ( I don't think raid is relevant here but mention it for completeness).

When I upgraded to etch the upgrade seemed to go OK but the system wouldn't reboot. It appeared that the LVM volume wasn't activated. I couldn't sort the problem out and was under time pressure so did a clean etch install without LVM.

I've now tried to move back to root on LVM on raid and hit the same problem. After some playing around the problem seems to be my root= parameter in Grub. I have always specified a LVM volume as /dev/vg/lv and this worked fine on Sarge. On Etch it seems you have to use /dev/mapper/vg-lv. Can't be sure that this is exactly the same issue I had on the upgrade but seems likely.

This may be documented somewhere but couldn't find it - if it is, apologies.


Tony Middleton.

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