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Re: Touchpad Configuration

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 19:54, Michael Pobega wrote:
> After a long fight with an offline install of Debian, I decided to
> give up and do a netinstall.
> The new installation is working PERFECTLY, with just one hitch; My
> touchpad doesn't work right. The touchpad doesn't seem to be
> configured in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and therefore I can't use any
> programs like gsynaptics to control it.
> I NoPasted my xorg.conf[0], just a quick note, the bit about the
> "Synaptics Touchpad" was manually added in by me, but it doesn't seem
> to be working. Maybe I'm just missing something?
> [0]http://rafb.net/p/tgMeQQ47.html

thinkwiki.org has lots of help for thinkpad setup (which use Synaptics 

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