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xkb options

I'm setting up Xorg to switch between keyboard layouts using keyboard
combinations like 'ctrl_shift'. 'grp:win_switch' works correctly, as
does 'grp:ctrl_shift_toggle'. One thing I can't get to work is
'grp:win_shift_toggle' or 'grp:win_ctrl_toggle'. In other words,
AFAICT the win key is recognized by itself, but combos involving it and
another modifier aren't, even though combos such as 'ctrl_shift' work
fine. Any ideas? Am I missing something? In 'xev', 'shift' and 'ctrl'
show up as "Shift_L" and "Control_L" (for the left ones), and 'win'
shows up as "Super_L" (unless I set 'grp:win_switch', in which case it
shows up as "Mode_switch". Any help will be appreciated, as well as a
pointer to good docs on this stuff.


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