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Re: Fetchmail Problems

Michael Pobega:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 06:39:56PM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Is ssmtp a daemon?  Maybe you need to restart it.  Have you tried
>> looking in /var/log/mail.log?
> There doesn't seem to be a daemon for it.

I *think* fetchmail can use any sendmail-compatible binary
(/usr/bin/sendmail) for local delivery, so if ssmtp provides such a
binary (or a symlink with that name), it should be possible to make it
work. But I have abandoned fetchmail already and cannot help (without

> What MTA would you recommend in place of it in this case?

If you do not have very special requirements, any MTA will do. The rest
is pure personal preference. My advice would be to stick with Exim4 in
the beginning, since it is Debian's default MTA. It is quite well
documented and many people will be able to help.

Personally, I found Exim (version 3 at that time) a little bit hard to
grasp, but that was a few years ago. At that time, I switched to
Postfix, another popular choice, and have been using it ever since in a
few different setups.

Whatever you choose: if the setup that you can do with debconf doesn't
exactly do what you need, prepare to read and re-read a lot of
documentation until you understand its basic concepts and terminology.
Any "real" MTA is a complicated beast that can do a lot more than you
need in any single situation.

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