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Re: Noob question - best way to install software

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 02:36:40PM -0700, Adam Frank wrote:
> For beginners I'd definitely recommend apt-get, or even one of its GUI
> fronteds like Synaptic.

The only problem for a beginner using Synaptic is that if it is all she
knows, and X crashes, they have no experience to fall back on.

Its just my personal axe: beginners should be comfortable with text-mode
basic tools: aptitude or apt-get, lynx (or elinks2), mutt, and a
text-mode editor (used by mutt if nothing else).  This way, he has the
tools he needs to get help from the list.

Curious:  what does apt-get do that aptitude non-interactive do; how
does the user's experience of each differ?  I thought that aptitude for
simple stuff a drop-in replacement for apt-get.


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