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Mouse freezing


I have a strange problem with the mouse freezing on an Asus L5000.
I am observing this for a long time now, and really don't have any more idea 
what the problem could be.

The first install I did was sarge 64bit version, about 2 Years ago.
As it was not stable enough and I could not get all things running (epson 
scanner) I switched to the 32bit version after a while
After this I installed kubuntu breezy, made then an update to dapper.
After this I was sure it's a hardwareproblem. Asus replaced the motherboard.
After a short time (weeks) the mouse problem came again.
Yesterday I installed etch, installation worked great, installed kde.

This mornig I want to start working and after about 5 Min. my mouse freezed 
All other things work.

I experienced the mouse freezing on every installation I did, so I don't think 
it's a version or distro problem.

Interesting thing is that, if I plug the mouse out and in again, dmesg shows 
it as it would work.
It does not matter on what usb port I plug in.

I cannot believe that the board should be fault again... especially as the 
mouse always works on windows... - I forgot that it is a dual boot install.

thanks i.a.


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