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Re: funny wireless internet with a *non* wireless modem

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steef wrote:
> hi folks,
> i have a fast broadband connection, my provider is at home dot nl.
> the connection worked like a charm till about two weeks ago, when the
> mailserver slowed down significantly, but the browser kept working as
> fast as ever.
> my provider could not tell me the cause of all this so i decided to do
> something myself. I installed (under etch) an asus wireless card with
> the rt2500 module, which works fine since yesterday-evening:.... sends
> my emails as fast as my onboard chip in the old days.
> the clou: so when i send emails from my two maillists with the  onboard
> nvidia-chip the process is slow as a snail.
> when i use the wireless chip of the asus-card it goes as fast as ever.
> i have *not* a wireless modem and yet the rt2500 chip of the wireless
> asus-card does its work very well.
> somebody out there who understands this??
> some explanantion will be highly appreciated,
> regards,
> steef
Perhaps you are on a neighbor's wireless network, who uses a different ISP?

Try a "sudo iwconfig" to show your wireless settings.

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