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Re: Newbie Question - KDE-Gnome-xfce

> Keep the following packages at their current version:
> fam [Not Installed]

> Leave the following dependencies unresolved:
> libgnomevfs2-0 recommends fam
> nautilus recommends fam
> Score is -341

> Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?]

> <end>

> I chose not to accept this right now. Do I need to add these two
> packages to the above command line so that they will be resolved or
> does it even matter?

> Thanks,
> Randy

I would accept the solution.  You'll need nautilus for gnome to run
correctly.  If you have gamin, you'll not need fam.  So, keeping gamin,
not installing fam, and installing nautilus and libgnomevfs2-0 (despite
them desiring fam) should work (it works on my computer).  

I would also update, and upgrade your entire system (ie, aptitude
update, followed by aptitude dist-upgrade) first, given that it
reported "52 not upgraded" when you were installing.

Personally, though, if your computer is fast enough, I would not bother
with anything other than kde or gnome.


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