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Re: Mozilla and Flash

On 4/4/07, Raquel <raquel@thericehouse.net> wrote:
On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 15:28:32 -0400
Kamaraju S Kusumanchi <kamaraju@bluebottle.com> wrote:

> >
> > Anybody got a hint or even better, a solution (one that does not
> > involve -- wait for Etch, etc...I know someone wants to say
> > that!) ???
> I do not know the solution for Sarge. I am using Etch and can
> confirm that flash (on youtube, video.google.com) is working
> without any problems.

Include the following in sources.list

deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org sarge main

Flashplayer is then available.


Ohhhh...I wasn't aware of that source for additional files!
Wackojacko mentioned it too, in a previous post to me in the same
thread, but I didn't catch on. Do I then do an....

apt-get search flash

......and download the plug-in or is that Flash a stand-alone app?

Dave W.

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