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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Kent West wrote in Article <4607C7E3.5030404@acu.edu> posted to

> Ron Johnson wrote:
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>> On 03/26/07 03:55, Dan H. wrote:
>>> After this thread has been going on for months, I decided to find out if
>>> "sponge burning" is some kind of idiomatic expression because I'd never
>>> heard it before.
>>> So I googled "sponge burning".
>>> But all I got were references to this thread, dozens of them, and
>>> nothing else. Does this mean that this thread has now become the de
>>> facto definition of sponge burning, whatever it means?
>> Yes.  IIRC, it started out referring to Sponge Bob Square Pants.
> Actually, it started out as a discussion related to an article on
> Slashdot/digg/something similar about nuking sponges in a microwave oven 
> in order to kill the bacteria/germs on the sponge.

Associated Press.

> When the article 
> first came out, it did not specify to make sure the sponge was wet, and
> subsequently there were many reports a day or three later about dry
> sponges catching fire. I don't recall why that topic made it to this
> list, nor why it morphed into such a very off-topic thread, but it's all
> archived if you're really curious.

Definitely break out the gmane for that one...

Paul Johnson
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