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Re: [Almost solved]Re: pppconfig "command not found"

eklektik <joz_mak@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> ppp *is* included on the xfce disk, but not pppconfig. This will
> probably not change on the final version because packages are included
> by popularity.
> Regards,
> Andrei

> Actually, Andrei was right the cd includes not only the ppp but both
> packages. When I issued the "aptitude install ppp" command that
> installed the pppconfig as well. After the installation everything
> went smoothly. So I am now up and running happily; in the meantime, I
> would like to thank to everyone who helped me solving this problem. I
> have one minor glitch left.  I can issue the "pon" command only in
> root mode. Is there a way of changing that to a simple user mode? 

Run this as root (replace user_name with the username you want to use):

adduser user_name dip

This will work only after the user is logged out and back in.

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