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Re: Any feedback on Icedove?

On 3/24/07, wix@eskimo.com <wix@eskimo.com> wrote:
I just learned of Icedove today.
Is anybody here using it?
What do you think of it?

A couple of years ago I had to give up on nmh as my mail system,
because it didn't work with imap, and I was sick of constantly having
to fetch mail off the server with a very clunky way of getting new
mail notifications.  I decided at that point to go to a graphical
client, since giving up the independent processes accessing the same
mailbox (multiple instances of "show", "scan", "comp", etc running in
different xterms) I wanted to still be able to look at multiple
messages concurrently and while composing a new message.  Of the
clients I looked at, Thunderbird (Icedove in debian) sucked the least.

I've looked at claws a couple of times.  The first time, it was
missing some feature I considered critical, though I don't recall
what.  More recently, I gave it another try, and it didn't seem to
understand the concept of subscribed folders in imap, making the
displayed list a real mess.

YMMV, but that's just MHO.  TTFN.  More information on Thunderbird can
be found on the Internet.

Michael A. Marsh

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