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Older Software and Hardware (was Re: NVIDIA i2c adapter?)

On Friday 23 March 2007, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> >> I believe the idea is that the legacy driver as they are calling it will
> >> continue to be updated to keep supporting the older cards at least that
> >> is what I have read on the site whether they do it or not is another
> >> thing...
> >
> > Their "legacy" is for real old stuff. But since I can ignore the "error",
> > I am in no rush to buy a new card. I wish venders that no longer wish to
> > support a piece of hardware or software would release the specs and code
> > to the opensource community. Those who have spare cash to always have the
> > latest and greatest may enjoy this but I do not have the money. I bought
> > the geforce because the ATI I had no longer worked DRI and the needed
> > code was no longer updated for newer Xorg in Sid.
> >
> > I have an older pro sound card with no ALSA because the manufacturer
> > keeps the needed data under lock and key. A reason why I still have
> > windows 98 around. No drivers for anything newer. I like that card and do
> > not like some of the newer ones that I could afford.
> I agree with you.  Same could be said for Windows 98 and DOS.
> Your soundcard to me sounds like an Ultagravis.  Am I right?
Dman2044. 44.1/16 CD quality and a nice chunky breakout box (rather than a 
mass of flimsy noisy connectors and cables.
Their Delta series is a different chip and has ALSA support.
> You know that a lot of apps that won't run on XP will run on 98, and
> also with wine.  I was seriously thinking of putting 98 in a VM and
> running it so I can run Newsleecher.  I wish there was such a program
> for Linux, but I have yet to find anything even close.  Of course it's
> not that big of deal since I can use binsearch.info and hellanzb to do
> everything, but sometimes I miss things because I overlook them on
> binsearch.  Boy is this off-topic.
I have win98 installed with Qemu, also runs of VirtualBox. It is too slow to 
be of use. W2K and other full 32 bit windows will run better on vbox and 
maybe Qemu as well.  WINE is OK except what worked yesterday may not work 
with their latest release (and may work again with a future release).

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