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Re: Resolving .local domain FQDN on client [SOLVED]

On Thursday 22 March 2007 17:14, I wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have a server running bind that is master for 'domain.local'.
> When I try to use a FQDN from within an application on my debian
> etch  'desktop machine' (e.g. in a browser: http://host.domain.local/) it
> does not resolve / ask the DNS server for the address.
> with the tool 'host' I can resolve queries just fine.
> e.g. for hostname 'svn'
> $ host svn
> or
> $ host svn.domain.local
> I get the correct answer and a request to the DNS server is made as I can
> see in the debug log there.
> $ ping svn
> succeeds, it obviously adds the domain as found in resolv.conf (search
> domain.local) to the host part
> while
> $ ping svn.domain.local
> fails. No query to the server is made, thus no address resolved, ping
> fails.

Thanks for the replys.
Bernhard got me on the right track by providing the keyword 'mdns', which led 
me to the culprit: the avahi-daemon.
This page explains it rather well:

Since I have a setup with dhcp / dns et al. I simply removed the daemon for 
the time being. 
Note to self for future reference: avoid .local domains.


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