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Re: Speeding up boot time

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 18:39, Michael Pobega wrote:
> I'm looking to speed up my Debian Etch boot speed, but I have no idea
> where to start.
> Currently I have everything default, but I'd like to remove a few
> things (Like networking, because networking tries to connect to my
> Ethernet and my wireless drivers are loaded separately).
> Are there any easy tools to look through my startup programs, or will
> I have to sort through everything manually?
> And if I remove networking, how do I go about using modprobe to start
> up my Ethernet in case I ever want to use it/need it at another time
> (i.e. When there is a new Debian kernel release I have to reinstall my
> wireless before I can do anything)?

You should take a look at installing ifplugd (apt-cache show ifplugd) 
ifupdown, and guessnet.  This should allow you to boot normally without 
having the network timeout if you do not have a cable plugged in for your 
ethernet connection.

John Schmidt

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