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Re: loading huge number of rules in iptables (blocklist)

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

nice to know that the connection is holding up, but there's got to be
a better way to do this. I'm not really up on iptables, but surely
there is some better way to distinguish the traffic to allow or not?
Maybe even just some judicious grepping of the rule set for partial
matches that could be lumped together?
It seems that your operating on a default allow scenario with a bunch
of rules to delineate the deny situations. maybe you could go the
other way? default deny with a limited number of rules of what to

I am already working with default deny. The ip ranges in the list provided by peerguarding need to be blocked -- so any traffic (not only NEW) from or to those ipranges is to be blocked. So either I block them all, or I allow all the rest. In either case, I see a huge bunch of rules being put in iptables (and I don't have an ip range list for the latter choice). Or am I missing something?


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