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Installation - deselect "standard" task ???

Alright - I've asked (and am pursuing) a different problem about my install not completing if I have any tasks selected (lots of "mirror" problem references, but I have tried 3 different mirrors about 6-7 times each!).

The workaround is if I do NOT select the "standard" task and complete the install, everything appears to work fine...

Once the system has rebooted if I run aptitude, it automatically selects about 60 packages and if I give it the go...it'll install and update them.

I've installed a few additional packages (part of my "standard" load) and things are running fine.  I've got no broken dependencies, etc...

BUT - I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer to "yes this works".

I've even found a couple vague references to "there are some things an admin would need to do or install manually".

Anyone know anything about this?


P.S.  I am also downloading the weekly snapshot DVD image, since I am dealing with Etch/testing here and not stable...I'm hesitant to do this too many times!

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