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Re: dvd + xine = 100% CPU?

George Hein wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I play .avi files with xine and get about 17% CPU usage with them.

I play a DVD with xine and the CPU shoots up to 97% and xine complains about missing frames.

No problem with newer PC's. A three years ago xine worked well on a thinkpad 600e (predecessor to T20), but shortly after with wine upgrades it no longer would run there, but OK on T20. Now I have a T42, and also a faster desktop, no problems. The older laptops and desktops will still play DVD's using Win98 and do the job but forget about using newer software.

Also try FFPLAY,

Hi George,

ffplay doesn't seem to do it.
Tried mplayer, that dies.
But with xine, if I leave 2 xine windows partially over the viewing screen the CPU goes down to 30%
Seems to be a xine foible.


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