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Re: What do I use to reconfigure the network /after/ initial install on Etch?

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007 08:58:05 +0100
Joe Hart <j.hart@orange.nl> wrote:

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> John Hasler wrote:
> > Joe Hart wrote:
> >> What is the point of having all info stored in plain text files if one is
> >> supposed to only use tools to edit them?
> > 
> > There is no such suppostion.
> Reference:  OP

I (the OP in question) did not mean that you're never supposed to edit
conffiles by hand; I meant just that for basic, standard edits the
tools are often better, simpler, and more reliable. For more complex
and nonstandard edits, you may want or even have to edit by hand. An
additional advantage of readable conffiles is that you can (surprise!)
read them to understand exactly what is going on.


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