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Printer setup problem in Etch

I am having a difficult time getting my printer to work on Etch with
CUPS 1.2.7. When I print a page from Openoffice the printer responds,
but prints a line of meaningless symbols. Another strange thing is that
When I try to print a test page from CUPS setup program at
http://localhost:631/, I just get a message "Quota limit reached".

My printer is an HP Deskpro 500, and the computer has a Asus p5b main
board and Intel E6300 processor. 

The printer and wiring are fine, since I can print without problems on
the same computer when I boot into mandriva-2007, which I have also
installed on the harddrive. That distribution uses CUPS 1.2.4. and is
setup with HPDeskjet 500 Foomatic/pcl3 (recommended), on

These same settings do not work for me in Etch, nor do the other 3 types
of drivers I found in the CUPS setup program.

I'm working my way through this site, trying to identify the problem.

I am wondering if there is something obvious I am missing or doing wrong
here? I realize Etch is a testing version of Debian, so could there be
some sort of bug?

Thanks for your help.

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