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Re: Off-Topic Posts

On Thursday 08 March 2007 09:18, Kent West wrote:
> Historically this list has been tolerant of off-topic threads, likely
> because such threads have tended to be short-lived.
> However, the off-topic posters (and I have been guilty myself) seem
> to have taken this to mean that this list is appropriate for any and
> all discussions by users of Debian. I would doubt that was the
> original intent of the spirit of the phrase "Help and discussion
> among users of Debian".
> I would urge the off-topic posters to return to the spirit of the
> phrase, and please wind down your off-topic posts, and then strive to
> keep your posts a bit closer to Debian-related topics.

Data: Captain, I'm picking up a super-thread in our course.
Riker: Data, don't you mean a super-string?
Data: No sir.  A super-thread.  This is more threatening than a 
super-string.  This one is a specific type of super-thread known as an 
off-topic super-thread.
Picard: Change course to avoid it.
Data: Sir, I do not think that will be adequate.  Off-topic 
super-threads tend to multiply and branch out, change names, and it is 
theorized they can eventually fill up an entire section of space or 
user space, as it has been called in some cases, to the exclusion of 
all else.
Wesley: He's correct sir.  Scanners show --
Picard: Shut up, Wesley!
Worf: Phasers and photon torpedoes online and ready.
Picard: Mr. Worf, I don't think that will be necessary.
Data: Sir, at the risk of contradicting a superior officer, Lt. Worf may 
be correct.  Once an off-topic super-thread gets out of control, it 
continues to multiply and branch out.  In the time we have discussed 
this, the original one has branched out and mutated several times into 
political off-topic super-threads, religious off-topic super-threads, 
and many other times as well.  Since then several entirely new 
off-topic super-threads have appeared as well, including one with the 
name "Off-topic Posts."  This one seems to be an anti-super-thread, but 
could likely evolve into an even more threatening super-thread than all 
the off-topic super-threads put together.  Indeed...
Picard: Lt. Worf, fire phasers.
Data: ...It is often the anti-super-threads that can...
Worf: Targeting nearest super-thread.
Wesley: That won't be enough.  We have to --
Picard: Shut up, Wesley! (to Worf) Not the super-threads.  Use your hand 
Data: ...mutate and gather energy from all opposition...
Worf: My hand phaser?
Wesley: That's my point.  It's infected--
Picard: Shut up, Wesley.  (To Worf, indicating Data, who is still 
rambling on) Set it for "Explode."
Data: ...and that energy opposing the super-threads...
Worf: With pleasure, Captain!
Data: ...and that opposing energy soon creates and even more threatening 
super-thread that... 
Worf: Firing now.  (Fires at Data)
Data: ...can even -- (Data explodes as the phaser hits him.)
Riker: Whew.  I never thought we'd escape.
Wesley: It looks like Data was taken over by a super-thread himself and 
could not stop talking and had to just go on and on with off topic 
comments and --
Picard: Mr. Worf? (Indicates Wesley.)  Make it NOT so!
Worf: With extreme pleasure, Captain! (fires at Wesley)
All: (Cheers as Wesley disintegrates.)
Geordi: I think Wesley was taken over by one of those even before he 
came on board.
Riker: And even worse, Captain.  Now you have to tell the only potential 
romantic partner you might have over the next 3 seasons of this show 
that you've just had her son killed.

Okay.  Just had to blow up.  The OT threads were building up too much 
steam and irritation.


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