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Re: Consult for to change servers CentOS to Debian GNU/Linux

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Javier Enrique Tiá Marín wrote:
> Hi everybody:
> In University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, we want to change the most Servers 
> to Debian GNU/Linux, but:
> - All Sysadmins used Clones RedHat (CentOS)
> - All Servers are DELL and DELL don't SUPPORT Debian GNU/Linux
> - For long time testimony and real test the use the RedHat + Sendmail is  
> strong, for example:
> a RedHat 7.3 + Sendmail outdate for 2 years vs 1 GBytes messages without 
> failure:
> Based in your experienced, another testimony and knowlegde:
> You believe in the change?
> Why?
> Howto?
> do you given any directions for to continue research?
> At end We don't find anything concrete could simulate various mayors 
> situations showed above.
> The Sysadmin a Sysadmin the numbers tell the last word.
> I'm all ear.
> TIA,
> Javier
> p.d: Apologize but my poor english

Greetings Javier:

We run Debian Linux on our Dell Servers here.  I have the following
server equipment:

PowerEdge 350, 650, 750, 1550, 1750, 1850, 2550
PowerVault 120T, 220S

While Dell doesn't officially support the OS, I have not had any
problems with Debian running on the systems.  Debian recognizes the
hardware, including the PERC RAID controllers.  Dell has always been
responsive when we call needing hardware replaced.

As far as if you should change, I can't say.  We like Debian because of
the long development cycles - we don't have to upgrade the servers very
often.  We also like that low cost.

If you have any specific questions that you would like answered, please
feel free to ask.

- -Scott
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