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Consult for to change servers CentOS to Debian GNU/Linux

Hi everybody:

In University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, we want to change the most Servers 
to Debian GNU/Linux, but:
- All Sysadmins used Clones RedHat (CentOS)
- All Servers are DELL and DELL don't SUPPORT Debian GNU/Linux
- For long time testimony and real test the use the RedHat + Sendmail is  
strong, for example:
a RedHat 7.3 + Sendmail outdate for 2 years vs 1 GBytes messages without 

Based in your experienced, another testimony and knowlegde:
You believe in the change?

do you given any directions for to continue research?

At end We don't find anything concrete could simulate various mayors 
situations showed above.
The Sysadmin a Sysadmin the numbers tell the last word.

I'm all ear.


p.d: Apologize but my poor english

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