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Re: audacity takes very long time to import flac

Jonathan Kaye wrote:
H.S. wrote:

Does anybody know anything about this? I have tried to import a flac
file in audacity (in Testing as well as in Sid), but audacity takes ages
to do so. On a command line (I think using flac package), exporting the
  same flac to aiff takes very short time. Example: audacity takes
around 44 minutes to import a particular flac file, which can be
converted to aiff using flac in around 4 minutes and imported into

I'm running Audacity 1.3.2 beta on Debian Etch ( I found a .flac
file of around 9.7MB and it loads into Audacity in less than 2 seconds. You
don't mention how large the file that took 44 minutes to load was, so I
don't know if you're having a problem or not. I compiled Audacity myself
after installing (among other things) libsndfile1-dev. If you give us more
details about the size of the .flac file and the version of Audacity you're
running it might be easier to help you.

The flac file I tried was around 550 MB in size. It was audacity in unstable, version 1.3.2-1.


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