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Re: Problem with Samba

Do the changes you make via OOo get saved to the remote file or is your problem only with the disconnect?

I would suggest setting up the ssh server on your etch machine and using 'putty' from Windows.  Make sure you can log on (generally as a normal user, then use 'su' to become root), and then do as you have before on the Linux box.  When the system appears to hang, use Putty to see if ssh is still responsive - log in and try to figure out what is happening.  There are various files in the /var/log directory (and the names give you some clue which ones may be valuable to you).  You can also use 'top' to see if some program has deadlocked and is chewing up CPU time (if it's deadlocked but takes no CPU time you'll never really know...).  The 'ps' command also helps you list processes and you can look at the (very long) list to get some idea of what's still running which you think should not be running.  If you've got the skills you might even dare to attach a debugger to processes to try to figure out what's going on.

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