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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

s. keeling wrote:

> Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca>:
>>  Ron Johnson wrote:
>> > On 03/05/07 03:06, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> >> s. keeling wrote:
>> >>> Uh huh.  Move to Canada.  Need a hip replacemnt?  Six to eighteen
>> >> 
>> >> The guy on the street doesn't need a hip replacement or a cat scan.  A
>> > 
>> > How do *you* know that the "guy on the street" isn't in pain from a
>> > degenerative (hip) bone disease or a head trauma or maybe cancer?
>>  I'm going by the odds just like you were.  Nice straw man:  Attack other
> The odds are you too will be seventy some day, and in great need of
> little things like hip replacement surgery.  Do you you want to suffer
> for a couple of years until the authorities deem your time has come?

If you've ever worked in an American hospital in a major city, you would
know first hand that the horror stories you hear as anti-national
healthcare propaganda apply just as easily applies in America.  Saying the
method of payment has anything to do with how long you wait for a
particular service is disingenious at best.  

At least north of the border, you won't be so broke you wished you were dead
after you're out of the hospital.  Just because you're paying for it
wholesale doesn't mean that you're getting lower quality.  If that were the
case, your average apartment complex parking lot would have better pavement
than the Eisenhower Interstate Freeway System.

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